April 18 … News quiz

pub_quiz_cartoonThis is another in a long line of regular news quizzes. Here y’all go:


1. What newspaper does OU alum Clarence Page work for? (Page, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, spoke in the lecture section of Journalism 2311 earlier this semester.)


2.  Who was U.S. secretary of state before John Kerry told over the position?


3.  What is the Duma?


4. What does NSA stand for?


5. Who is Megan Marzec?


6.  What was the name of the play that was performed Thursday night at Mem Aud?


7. Athens Police continue to investigate what event March 14 and March 15 that happened at The Pigskin Sports Bar & Grill on North Court Street?


8. What is happening Saturday on Court Street?


9. City officials voiced their concerns about what events on campus?


10. Jackie O’s is hosting an event Saturday that will promote what?


11. OU faculty and students met Tuesday at Baker Center to discuss what issue?


12. What is Heartbleed?


13. Name the person who serves as chair of the Federal Reserve Board?


14. What Hall of Famer did Major League Baseball honor in all its ballparks Tuesday? (Oh, and go to BET.com and you can find a column that I wrote about this topic.)


15. Ohio University’s baseball team has lost how many games in a row?


16. What does NATO stand for?


17. Who is Rodney Smith?


18. What popular cartoon character graced the cover of The POST in one of its recent editions?


19. Who is Savannah Jo Dorsey?


20. The owners of what Court Street business is lobbying Ohio lawmakers for a liquor license?


21. Who is Lee Jun-seok?


22. Who is secretary of President Obama’s Department of Justice?


23. A 7.5  magnitude earthquake shook what world-class Western Hemisphere capital this week?


24. Officials in Portland, Ore., are discarding 38 million gallons of water because of what reason.


25.  Chelsea Clinton made an announcement the other day. What did she share with the rest of the world?










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