March 31 … Major obit due

Your major obits are due at the start of class Friday, April 15. No late assignments will be accepted, which means you’ll get a zero on an exercise that’s worth as much as 750 points. Don’t tempt fate; get started on yours.

We’ve been discussing obits, and each of you have had a chance to write a sample obit or two. Now, it’s time to do the full-blown obit of the celebrity you picked. To ensure you know what it should look like, I’m posting this obit about rapper Rick Ross. 

As you will notice, the Ross obit is well researched, and so should yours. Yours should also be free of factual errors, which will render your work worthless. Remember, I’m looking for depth in the obits you write, which means all of them should be at least 750 words. 

We’ll talk about how to find and handle good, solid quotes Friday or in an email. Also, you must have at least two people quoted in your obit. 

Here’s the Ross obit to use as your template: 

Obituaries 104



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