Feb. 1: Exploring leads

Read these leads. Ask yourself this questions: Which ones work and which ones don’t?

  1. WASHINGTON – Charting a new American course abroad, President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership on Monday, using one of his first actions in office to reject a centerpiece of Barack Obama’s attempt to counter China and deepen U.S. ties to Asia.
  2. The black cloud could be seen miles away, billowing for almost an hour Monday after a deadly tanker-truck crash on a months-old ramp connecting Route 33 and Interstate 270 in Dublin.
  3. A local organization formed to create a recovery house for women who have already undergone substance abuse treatment is eyeing an Athens County-owned building as a possible location.
  4. Ohio University Student Senate will recommend the university’s Board of Trustees take no action on Senate Bill 199 after the majority of students voted against concealed carry weapons on campus earlier this week.
  5. The house on 53rd Street and Huntington Avenue stood motionless. From the south side of the building, nothing looked out of the ordinary except for the police barricades that were set up.
  6. Even before the Jell-O shot took flight, the battle between Dr. Glenn Stewart and the Independent Weekly of Lafayette, La., had been ugly.
  7. From achieving global anti-poverty targets to tackling climate change and other critical environmental issues, the bloc of developing nations known as the “Group of 77 and China” has a vital role to play in ensuring progress on a host of priorities on the United Nations agenda, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.
  8. Mayor John Lindsay dropped his broom and picked up the nightstick Wednesday, setting law enforcement facilities as the top prior­ity in the city’s construction plans for the coming fiscal year.
  9. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress on Tuesday that U.S. economic growth appeared to be slowing, heading off for the moment any need to raise interest rates.
  10. A School Committee member has filed an assault complaint against a fellow member, accusing him of grabbing her nose and twisting it following an executive session Thursday night.
  11. A 22-year-old Mesa resident is accused of offering an undercover police officer $1,000 to kill a woman who appeared on her boyfriend’s Facebook page.
  12. Two boaters were killed and a third was injured Sunday when their small boat capsized in high winds and waves on Lake Harney near the Volusia-Seminole county line.
  13. A consumers group said Thursday that some sunscreen and cosmetics contain an ingredient that can promote cancerous skin tumors, and the group called on the government to halt sales of those products.
  14. A former employee of the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library was sentenced to seven years of psychiatric probation Tuesday for the theft of $1,798,310 worth of rare books and documents.
  15. Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Russell M. Nigro sentenced Tuesday a former employee of the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library to seven years of psychiatric probation for the theft of $1.8 million worth of rare books and documents.
  16. Princeton University officials have placed a cap on the number of A’s that professors can award in an effort to crack down on grade inflation.
  17. Students at Princeton University won’t be receiving as many A’s this year. School officials are cracking down on grade inflation by placing a cap on the number of A’s professors can award.
  18. Two Minneapolis meter monitors have been charged with stealing an estimated $35,000 worth of nickels, dimes and quarters from parking meters.
  19. San Francisco has become the first city in the nation to require cell phone companies to disclose how much radiation their phones emit.
  20. A Harvard sociologist said Tuesday night that teenage pregnancy is costing the country billions of dollars a year.

Gerald Cantor told 200 students and faculty members in Hall Auditorium that the annual costs                       associated with the pregnancies of almost 750,000 unmarried women under the age of 20 “are vastly           greater than we had thought.”

He attributed the costs to social services . . .




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