Contrite Tiger Woods asks fans to forgive him

His advisers handled him well. They kept Tiger Woods from people whose aim Friday morning was to revisit the past. His advisers wanted that past buried, left under a pile of rubble someplace where people – Tiger’s critics, the morality cops and the paparazzi — will need a bulldozer to unearth it.

His advisers know Tiger’s followers will return. Oh, yeah, they will be back. They will return soon because they never cared a bit that Tiger Woods was a flawed man.

His womanizing?

All it did was spotlight his manhood, right? Steamy sex, mountains of money and otherworldly talent have always held their fascination. They stoke people’s prurient interests. None of those deadly sins tarnished Tiger’s golf legacy, a legacy that has absolutely nothing to do with his being a no-account father or a husband with the sexual appetite of a horse at stud.

“I was unfaithful,” he said. “I had affairs; I cheated.”

So Tiger wasn’t perfect.

Big deal!

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