Class 3 Syllabi … J2311

Introduction to Multiplatform Reporting

Designed to be a rigorous, time-consuming course, Journalism 2311  should help students understand and master the basic skills they will need to create media content across several platforms.

Beyond the technical aspects of reporting and writing in the journalistic style, the course will help each of you become a better writer and a more critical thinker about what it means to be a 21st century journalist. You are expected to look at this course as the foundation for your training in the craft of writing, reporting and storytelling.

Here are the syllabi for Spring Semester:



Please read the lecture syllabus carefully, because it applies to everybody in the course. Unless you’re in my lab section, you need not bother with the second link. Your lab instructor will have a syllabus specific to your section.

Also, remember that you are required to stay atop the material in the lecture section just as you are in the lab, which means making certain that you’ve come to each lecture having read the material assigned.




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